How Learn2Earn Works

Transforming Families and Lives

Transforming Families and Lives

Applicant Criteria

1. Available to recent High School Graduates and Adult Learners.
2. Students must live in Southwest Florida and hope to work locally.
3. Demonstrate a high capability of completing the program.
4. Have a strong work ethic.
5. Give back by volunteering with our club.

Success Coach Program

  • A Learn2Earn Success Coach is assigned to each recipient to provide one-on-one guidance, and encouragement.
  • The L2E Success Coach provides direction regarding classes, work, administration, finances, trying, and academics.
  • The L2E Success Coach will support the student by establishing and building a rapport and tracking the student’s progress related to academics, registration, class scheduling, finance management, time management, transportation, and housing.
  • The L2E Success Coach will track the student’s progress on details such as obtaining textbooks, supplies, equipment, and even transportation.
  • It is important for Success Coaches to refer students to school resources such as counseling, mentors, peer groups, tutoring, and financial aid.

OUR TASK  is to encourage students to start school, stay in school, graduate, and succeed.

A few of our graduating scholarship recipients

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