How Learn2Earn Works

Transforming Families and Lives

Transforming Families and Lives

Applicant Criteria

1. Available to recent HS Grads and Adult Learners
2. Students must live in SWFL and express desire to work and live in SWFL
3. Demonstrate a high probability of completing the program
a. Work Ethic
b. Financial need
c. Attend SWFL school
d. Give back by volunteering with our club

Success Coach Program

1. Acts as an individual mentor and is paired with one scholarship student
2. Coach follows checklists and provides encouragement to overcome any barriers along the way
3. Frequently communicate with the student
4. Report student progress to the Learn2Earn Scholarship Committee and offer suggestions, modifications
and improvements to our evolving program
5. Attend updates and training opportunities



1. High School Prep Program
2. Success Coach Program
3. Transportation Needs


1. Through a Success Coach, develop rapport with student
2. Motivate and Track student progress
3. Apply for scholarships and grants
4. Inspire students to think broadly with an open mind, about their future education and skills training courses
5. Encourage school counselors and staff to guide unaware students to our programs

OUR TASK  is to encourage students to start school, stay in school, succeed and graduate.